Drop Shipping FAQ

How Does it Work?
We use an app through Shopify called Synclogic. We send you a code for this and it connects our websites together:). So your customers can see our products, and we take care of shipping for you!
What is the Shipping Timeline?
Shipping takes 7-10 business days from the time the invoice is paid.
How much does Shipping Cost?
Shipping is based on weight and locations, but this is about how much shipping costs: 1 Item: $7.00, 2 Items: $12.00-$15.00, 3 Items: $15-$17, 4+Items: $20.00+.
How does Pricing Work on my End?
Pricing will transfer over as WHOLESALE pricing unless updated through the price transformation section on the Synclogic app. We recommend a 200% price increase, so if something costs you $20.00 it will automatically pull through as $40.00 to your customers.
What does my Customer see when they place an order?
Orders to your clients will pull through exactly the same as they do normally through Shopify.
Can I still Order in Bulk?
YES! You already have an account with us, so you can order directly on our website. Case size of 2 pieces per SKU (we do open packs) with a minimum of $250 per order.
Do you allow Returns? 
We don't accept returns on drop-shipping, we accept returns on bulk orders, if approved: https://www.staywarminstyle.com/pages/policies
For any additional questions, please contact support@staywarminstyle.com
XOXO, The Stay Warm in Style Team.