Drop Shipping FAQ

How Does it Work?
We use a third party app through Shopify called Synclogic. We send you a code for this and it connects our websites together:). So your customers can see our products, and we take care of shipping for you!
What is the Shipping Timeline?
Shipping takes 10-12 business days from the time the invoice is paid.
How much does Shipping Cost?
Shipping is based on weight and locations, but this is about how much shipping costs: 1 Item: $7.00, 2 Items: $12.00-$15.00, 3 Items: $15-$17, 4+Items: $20.00+.
How does Pricing Work on my End?
Pricing will transfer over as WHOLESALE pricing unless updated through the price transformation section on the Synclogic app. We recommend a 200% price increase, so if something costs you $20.00 it will automatically pull through as $40.00 to your customers.
What does my Customer see when they place an order?
Orders to your clients will pull through exactly the same as they do normally through Shopify.
Can I still Order in Bulk?
YES! You already have an account with us, so you can order directly on our website.  Minimum order amount is $250 with a minimum of two pieces per SKU. If ordering above $500 you can order any quantity per SKU.
Do you allow Returns? 
We don't accept returns or exchanges on drop-shipping orders, we can accept returns on bulk orders, if approved: https://www.staywarminstyle.com/pages/policies
How does it work if I need to cancel? 
If you are finding that this service isn't meeting your needs, you can cancel your subscription at any time! You also though, need to unsync your store with us through synclogic. We bill the 15th fo every month, so make sure you cancel before then to avoid being charged the next month. 
What is Synclogic?
Synclogic is a Third Party Shopify app that allows our store products to sync with your store. It has a monthly cost that you'll have to pay in addition to our membership. If you have any questions regarding Synclogic, please contact them directly at support@oiizes.com
Do I need to sync your entire catalog?
No, you can choose to sync any specific product category you want. Once you have subscribed, if you want to sync just a specific category, let us know at support@staywarminstle.com
This membership is only applicable for wholesale orders, it is not available for Dropshipping Memberships
For any additional questions, please contact support@staywarminstyle.com
XOXO, The Stay Warm in Style Team.